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Genesis Chapter No. 134 is one of he many subordinate chapters in District 12 under Queen of Sheba Grand Chapter of Texas Order of the Eastern Star--auxillary of the UMW Scottish Rite Grand Lodge of Texas...



As a group of dedicated and committed women who are seeking light each and every day, our mission is to be good stewards and servants over those things that God has entrusted to our hands. We uphold the tenants of The Order of the Eastern Star...

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Words From Our Chaplain

The Likeness of Love

God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.”... God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him. Genesis 1:26–27, emphasis added

Have you ever thought about how profoundly God loves you?

Just think about the fact that the Father made you in His own image. He created you with unimaginable potential and unquestionable worth—with the ability to experience Him in a deep, intimate relationship. In fact, He wants to pour His life into you and work through you in astounding, eternal ways. His desire is that when people see you, they are reminded of Him (Matthew 5:16).

So no matter how you feel about yourself, embrace the truth: God loves you, longs to shower His goodness upon you, and calls you His own (Isaiah 43:1).

In His presence... realize He formed you with profound love.

~Sister Aretha Ragster


District 12

Vision & Mission Statement


2023 Scholarship Recipient
Jailen Rutledge

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What Kind of Star Am I?

I did a little brief study and found it quite interesting.  It caused me to  ask myself, "What kind of star am I today? What kind do I desire to be?". In an article entitled, "Why don't we receive light from all stars in the universe?", it says, "depending on the temperature of the star, the main color of light sent out by the star changes. Cooler stars put out redder light, hotter stars put out blue or white light. Generally, colors like white or blue are stronger colors (shorter wavelength, higher frequency) and can be seen more easily at far distances than reds, oranges or yellows. Also, some stars are simply larger than others and send out more light. In addition to all the stars in space, there is a lot of other matter, called dark matter, between us and the stars that can block starlight. This dark matter can include nebulae which are clouds of gas, interstellar dust or planets. Finally light can be pulled aside by gravity. Black holes, which are massive gravitational centers, have gravity so strong that they will pull in light itself and trap it there, keeping it from getting to us."  So you may ask, what does this have to do with belonging to The Order of the Eastern Star? The take away is this: There are many who carry the title but only the hardest working stars shine the brightest, even the least visible, like the dwarf star. Let's keep shining and don't get trapped by the black holes of life, meaning people, situations, material things etc. May Genesis Chapter 134 stand prominent among many! 


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